"Candomblé is not a religion, it's a way of life"
– Mestre Almiro


This page is dedicated to the ongoing collaboration and dialogue between Kundalini Mediumship and the Afro-Brazilian spiritual tradition of candomblé.  Candomblé comes from Brazil, but has its roots in West Africa.  It is based on a direct spiritual experience and interaction with spirits called orixás, whose influence is interwoven into everyday life.  That's why Mestre Almiro says its not a religion, but a way of life.  There is nothing to "believe" as many of our traditions say.  Rather it is up to us as individuals to experience and understand our own relationship to spiritual forces.  My belief is that much of modern culture's sicknesses come from our disconnect from spiritual forces. 

For much of candomblé's existence in Brazil, practitioners kept it hidden (and for good reason).  Candomblé participants could be killed for practicing it.  The tradition comes from Africa.  And like anything associated with Africa, it was denigrated and viewed through a racist lens of suspicion and mistrust. 

During the 8 years I trained capoeira with Mestre Almiro, I asked him repeatedly about candomblé and the orixás.  He would never discuss it.  Fortunately, over the past few years, he and his people in Brazil have been guided to open their tradition up.  it is a tremendous opportunity and honor to be allowed in to this world... for people that have a history of enslavement, followed by brutality, oppression and now cultural appropriation... to now allow foreigners to experience the practices they've cultivated for centuries is a tremendous gift.

I can't emphasize enough the trust and respect I have for Mestre Almiro.  He is a master of the martial art of capoeira-- training in and then running the most prestigious capoeira school in Brazil (the Academy of Mestre Bimba).  His grandmother was a priestess (mae de santo) in candomblé, and now his sister is training to be one.  His roots and his family's roots run deep in Salvador, Brazil-- the epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture.

So if you want to learn the orixás, if you want to begin hearing and learning their songs and dances, if you want to understand how to connect with them on a deep, personal level, here's your opportunity...

Brazil trip details

Dates: December 1st-10th, 2018

Cost: $3500-- includes food, accommodations and ceremonies.  Does not include airfare or visa.

Itinerary: This is the area that requires some trust.  In Brazil, and in candomblé, there is not a set recipe that will work for everyone.  Each person will be assisted in learning about and understanding their personal guides (orixás), as well as learning their dances and songs.  Each person will receive personal healings from the priests and priestesses, depending on what the participant needs.  Please trust that the guides and facilitators in Brazil, who have spent decades in this living tradition, will create the ceremonial experiences that best serve the needs of the group.  This lack of knowing can be challenging for us Westerners, which is why I invite you to keep communication open with me as the facilitator on our side.  I am here to listen and respond to issues that come up and help resolve them.

Step 1

This cannot work without funding.  The total cost of the trip is $3500.  That cost includes all of your accommodations, food and ceremonies.  It does NOT include airfare.  The first installment ($1750) is due when you feel the calling to attend.  The remainder of the balance ($1750) is due Nov. 1, 2018.  Please send a check for $1750 to

Capoeira Regional, L.L.C.                                                                                                        c/o Justin Levy                                                                                                                     2203 NE 17th Ave                                                                                                             Portland, OR 97212

Step 2

Get yourself a visa and plane ticket!  Brazilian visas are good for 10 years, and they can be gotten online.

Step 3

Reach out to me (Justin) if you have any questions or concerns (justin@kundalinimediumship.com).  We'll be having a meet-up with Mestre Almiro at a later date (TBA) where you'll be able to ask him questions and get to know him.