Kundalini Mediumship Workshop: Foundations

This workshop is designed to introduce the concepts and lineage of the Kundalini Mediumship healing work and provide an opportunity for experiencing energetic healing in an amplified group setting.

We will start the day by asking each participant to bring a sacred object with them to co-create an altar and set an intention for the day followed by a clear and focused discussion about the history, lineage and intention of Kundalini Mediumship Healing.

The workshop is designed for you to learn how to use breath and bandhas (yogic techniques) to access the kundalini on your own. 

Each discussion will be followed by an extended group healing incorporating music, bodywork, breath, bandhas and connection to the spirits associated with Kundalini Mediumship.

During the workshop, you will receive bodywork from the facilitators. 

There is a good possibility that intense emotions or traumas may arise because of the nature of this work. We will provide a safe container for you to enter those areas.

Two short small group discussions help participants review and integrate their experiences, and create meaningful connections to share this work with others. 

There will be several breaks and a 90 minute break for lunch during the day and a wrap-up at the end.

We recommend that you take some time for yourself after the workshop so that you can reflect and integrate.

This workshop will be limited to 12 people.




Brazil trip details

Dates: December 1st-10th, 2018

Cost: $3500-- includes food, accommodations and ceremonies.  Does not include airfare or visa.

Itinerary: This is the area that requires some trust.  In Brazil, and in candomblé, there is not a set recipe that will work for everyone.  Each person will be assisted in learning about and understanding their personal guides (orixás), as well as learning their dances and songs.  Each person will receive personal healings from the priests and priestesses, depending on what the participant needs.  Please trust that the guides and facilitators in Brazil, who have spent decades in this living tradition, will create the ceremonial experiences that best serve the needs of the group.  This lack of knowing can be challenging for us Westerners, which is why I invite you to keep communication open with me as the facilitator on our side.  I am here to listen and respond to issues that come up and help resolve them.

Step 1

This cannot work without funding.  The total cost of the trip is $3500.  That cost includes all of your accommodations, food and ceremonies.  It does NOT include airfare.  The first installment ($1750) is due when you feel the calling to attend.  The remainder of the balance ($1750) is due Nov. 1, 2018.  Please send a check for $1750 to

Capoeira Regional LLC                                                                

C/O Justin Levy                          

2203 NE 17th Ave.                                

Portland, OR 97212

Step 2

Get yourself a visa and plane ticket!  Brazilian visas are good for 10 years, and they can be gotten online.

Step 3

Reach out to me (Justin) if you have any questions or concerns (justin@kundalinimediumship.com).  We'll be having a meet-up with Mestre Almiro at a later date (TBA) where you'll be able to ask him questions and get to know him.

Date and Time

Saturday, September 8th 2018.                 11:00AM-7:00PM


Kwan Yin East                                      3115 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 231 Portland, OR 97232


Refunds up to 7 days before event