Kundalinimediumship.com is online!

This website has been over 20 years in the making.  My goal with this site is to provide a resource for people interested in kundalini awakening.  There is a lot of information (and misinformation!) about kundalini on the internet.  There are a lot of warnings, a lot of cautions, a lot of people saying it's a dangerous thing...

When I first experienced the kundalini energy as a teenager, it was a VERY destabilizing experience.  I had no resources, no one to talk to, no cultural knowledge I could rely on.  I felt very alone and very lost.

What happened was-- as a very young child I met a very evolved person named Baba Muktananda and received a kundalini transmission from him.  Nothing happened for about a decade, but then when I was a teenager, his energy hit me incredibly hard.  So many things came at me at once and I didn't know how to process them.  I reconnected with Muktananda's lineage (called Siddha Yoga) as a teen but had a lot of problems with it.  I then discovered the Afro-Brazilian tradition of capoeira, and then South American shamanism.  My devotion and dedication to learning the energies of those traditions, combined with my yogic practice provided the stability for me to engage with the kundalini in a productive way.

I started doing healing work in 2004.  Soon I realized that I was also a medium, or vessel, for the spirits that I had learned in my spiritual practices.  The healing practice of mediumship is something recognized in many parts of the world-- Latin America, and many parts of Africa and Asia in particular.  

I believe that we can all access the kundalini (and in fact many of you already have!) and I also believe we can be a medium for divine energy.  All it takes is a genuine commitment to working through our karma and trauma-- to reconnect to the parts of ourselves we've pushed away and disconnected from.

I also believe that this spiritual work is necessary for us as a species to navigate this incredibly difficult time on our planet.  The challenges we face are actually the call of the spirit world to re-engage with our own deep spiritual connection.  The spirits are using these difficulties to call us back home!

If you are having a problem navigating a kundalini awakening, please reach out.  You are not alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.